CHRISTOPHER TERRY iMarketsLive CEO and FounderMr. Terry says, “To become a great leader, you must first become a great follower”.

Throughout his life, Mr. Christopher Terry has utilized this same progression from follower/learner to Leader and Master during key turning points in his life. Always a believer in the phrase, “if it is to be, it depends on me,” he has applied himself to learning, and doing, whatever was needed to accomplish his personal goals.
In fact, Mr Terry has made his life a living example of the Philosophy so aptly stated by Jerome Agel when he said, “The wise do not expect to find life worth living; they make it that way.”

Mr. Christopher Terry began this journey in construction, both as a worker and eventually as an owner, for nearly 12 years. In 1995, he discovered commodities trading and began to immerse himself in the markets. In just 3 years, he was confident enough to walk away from his Construction Business, which had generated sales in excess of $40 million that same year, in order to become a full time trader. Construction offered a great income, but not a lifestyle, while trading offered both a great income and a great lifestyle.

Mr. Christopher Terry learned very early in life, like many of us, that he could learn from his own mistakes. But also, very early in life, he had the wisdom to realize that it is far better to observe and learn from the mistakes, and also the success, of others. With that in mind he sought out true Trading Professionals to learn from and be mentored by. To that end, Mr. Terry had the privilege of being mentored by Linda Raschke, widely known as a wizard in the Markets; beginning in the late 1990’s. Soon Mr. Terry and Linda Raschke became partners, working together until August 2012, providing one of the Leading Educational and Live Trading Websites on the Internet. While in that partnership, Mr. Terry was the head moderator for the Equities and Futures Live Trading Rooms, and operated the Swing Trade Charting Service, since the year 2000.

Since 2001, Mr. Christopher Terry has been a Headline speaker at many of the major derivative conferences, for Expo events, as well as TradeStation World, Traders Library Annual Forum, International Online Traders Expo, and many other Private Groups. Over the years, he has built a worldwide following and has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, speaking on Understanding and Applying the Principles of Success, and how to create financial independence. His goal is to reach out to as many people as possible around the world who want to achieve their desires of financial independence on a scale they never dreamed was possible.

Over the years he applied and effectively utilized this winning strategy of gaining the necessary learning and experience through the proper Mentors and then imitating the strategies of successful people. While doing so he realized the same process of following success step by step, could bring average people everywhere to the same level of success that he himself had achieved. Mr. Terry began to realize that at this point in his life it was his calling to help change people’s lives on a massive Global scale through a marriage of Network Marketing with Professional Trading. This calling would not only change the lives and lifestyles of thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people the world over; but would also fundamentally change the life of the man we are proud to call our President and CEO, Mr. Christopher Terry. As we go forward it will become clear to the world that our President and CEO lives, as Albert Einstein once said, “only a life lived for others; is a life worth living.”

This is why, in August 2012, Mr. Terry made the decision it was time to act on this Philosophy, and International Markets Live, Inc. was born.

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