This is what got me in the business. The iMarkest Live compensation plan.

WOW I want you to think about something. With most Network Marketing companies the cost to bring you the product is astounding. You have to pay for

packaging shipping doctors scientists ingredient product testing customer support the massive building to hold all the staff the organization a lot of attorneys and more and more  that’s why the products are so expensive.

With iMarkets Live you don’t have any of that. Once the software is made its done. You have a small support staff a few programmers and few attorneys that’s about it. So MOST of the cost of the product can be given back to the people. Plus with iMarkets Live you earn income from the product by learning how to trade and you keep all that you make trading. The comany doesn’t keep any of it. What you trade with is in your privet broker account NOT imarkest Live’s

Down Lode the  iMarkets live Compensation Plan PDF HERE


iMarkest Live compensation plan


Look at this! so in normal MLM you have people buying about $200 to $300 autoship that pays you maybe 20% from the points so most autoships are about 200 points that’s $20 a month for each depending on the level they are at in your down-line to keep it simple we are going to just say you get $20 per person per month in your team. In iMarkets Live a platinum 600 has 12 people in your team and you make $600 a month in most MLM’s you would need a minimum of 30 people on autoship to make $600 that’s 30 x $20 = $600 How many people in your team or have you ever made $600 a month in your Network Marketing plan? and that’s not even the other income with the matrix


iMarketing Live 3 by 8 Matrix

The iMarketing Live’s 3 by 8 Matrix you get $3.80 for every single person in your matrix. That leads me into the 100% check match bonus. Based upon your Matrix your get a 100% check match on every one of your personal recruits matrix check.

Jay Paul Getty had a great quality said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own”

With the iMarkets Live Matrix that first mover advantage is VERY important. Don’t wait to long. Right now thousands of people are hearing about iMarkets live every day. Getting involved right now and get started today because as the matrix fills up you get the opportunity for spillover. And your matrix will fill up faster.

So just a quick summary: iMarkets Live has amazing products that are wanted by millions of people. Products that help people to make money. iMarkets Live has a powerful pay plan that allows you to earn big and also to earn fast.
Okay now a question you gotta ask yourself, are you working for your money or is your money working for you?



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