iMarkets Live has 3 main products Live Trading Room, Forex Harmonic Scanner and FX Signals Live.

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Live Trading Room

What Is iMarkets Live ‘Live Trading & Education Room’?

 iMarkets Live ‘Live Trading & Education Room’ our expert traders host a daily (Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 12 PM EDT.) live trading. You get tosee exactly what Christopher and his team of traders are doing each day to win in the markets. You will learn by watching them live; what they watch for when trading and areas that provide the best trading opportunities in the financial markets. This is where the real money is made in the markets. Every day the “Trading Room” provides you a unique opportunity to dive inside the mind of iMarkets Live CEO and other traders, to learn what sets the successful opportunities from the lease profitable.

  • With iMarketsLive, Education does not begin and end with only the Live Trading & Educational Room, you will also obtain the following benefits:
    Watch Chris and his team of moderators time the markets using time-tested techniques that will be well-explained to you and other traders in the room.
  • Get detailed explanations of the thought-process behind each and every single trade that is placed. We provide guidance through each trade as well as an explanation after the completion of a trade. There is always a technical reason why we trade!
  • Connect and interact live ask your questions, follow along and learn what makes a successful trader.
  • Learn the perfect level of patience and discipline necessary to time the markets optimally.
  • Watch how each trade is setup and what we look for on entries/exits, stops, and targets.
  • Weekly Market Forecast (FREE!!) – Weekly review what we are watching for, in the S& P E-minis, Forex Futures and Forex Spot markets.
  • Trading Library! Our back office is filled with educational videos, books and articles on a wide range of topics for the new trader to advanced Harmonic Patterns for the more experienced!!
  • We DEMYSTIFY what this lucrative industry is all about as you watch the trades being made. Learn why the trades are being made, and how we approach a trading opportunity.
  • order nowGet the support you need to be successful by a collaborative community who is dedicated to your success.



iMarkets Live Forex Harmonic Scanner

Introducing an Industry First, the iMarkets Live Forex Harmonic Scanner

Finally, a Scanner and Charting Package that accurately identifies key Harmonic Patterns!

This Scanner Comes Complete with a FOREX HARMONIC TRADING COURSE, this is the most complete and powerful charting & scanner in the FOREX Markets.

The Harmonic Patterns that are featured are:

• Gartley
• Bat
• Alternate Bat
• Crab
• Deep Crab
• Butterfly
• Cypher
• Shark
Listed Features:

• Real-Times Scans for over 30 Pairs/Crosses
• Scanner E-Mails Client When New Scanned Result Occurs.
• Each Scan Result Provides ENTRY, STOP, TAKE PROFIT LEVELS.
• Click on the Pairs to change charts.
Think of the Harmonic Scanner as your full time unpaid assistance, that never takes a coffee break, and is only focused on providing the best of the best Harmonic Trade Opportunities.order now



Meet the creators of iMarkets Live’s Harmonic Scanner


iMarkets Live FX Signals Live

iMarkets live’s FX Signal Live is also called the Auto Trader

How would you like to be able to mirror trade a professional trader?
You get to pick who you mirror so when he / she trades your account trades the same trades.
You can see what they did last year, last week, last month. You get to see what their track record is. You get to see everything they are doing now and in the past. So find the trader you like and let it go. That’s my kind of trading. O and by the way the company gets NON of my profits my money is in a broker account that I set up. The brokers are NOT tied to iMarkets Live at all. COOL Ha?

iMarkets live’s FX Signal Live, Auto Trader is a set it and forget it system. iMarkets live’s Auto Trader is a mirror trading system for the person that does not want to learn anything about the Forex Market. You don’t want to spend the time having the study and figure things out not a problem. iMarkets Live has Market experts that will actually do all of the trades for you so your account mirrors their trade. iMarkets live’s Auto Trader has several traders to choose from depending on your risk tolerance, low, medial or high risk tolerance. You can see exactly what their growth percentages and how much they’ve gained, how much they have done over a certain course of weeks. You can see the entire trading everything is completely transparent as we take you through this process of being able to grow your money. How would you like to grow your money by 3% 5 % 10% every single month? Now we can’t give you a guarantee but based upon past profits we can show you that you can make money and you can do it hands-free. iMarkets live’s Auto Trader can create true residual income that you can see every single month. The good news is you don’t put your money with a iMarkets Live you put your money right in your own brokerage account. iMarkets Live has several Brokerages that they recommend. You can withdraw and deposit at any time. That way you have the peace of mind that your money is taken care.order now






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