Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out!

Success is the sum of small things done dailySuccess does not come all at once. Success is the accumulation of daily disciplines done daily.

Setting daily goals and committing to do your daily activity even when you don’t feel like doing them is where success comes from.

DMO; Daily Method of Operation

I remember many times on my journey to success (i’m still on that journey) when I did not want to complete my DMO, but every time I pushed and forced myself to do what I did not want to do. I always felt better about myself and many times that activity was life changing.

The more you allow yourself to quit of your goals and your daily method of operation the easier it gets to quit next time you don’t feel like it.

Success is a habit not a guaranty

Set your DMO in stone and commit to accomplishing it every day no matter what and success will grow nearer with every day.  You will fail sometimes, but get up brush yourself off and commit to be better tomorrow.

My mentor always said.

Daily Disciplines done daily build character


Success is the sum of small activities done over and over.

What are you committed to?

How committed to your dreams and goals are you?

Can you commit and focus on your daily goals for one day?

That’s all it takes to become successful.

It only takes one day to become successful. You just don’t know what day that is. Don’t miss it.


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