I would recommend you expand the videos to full screen so you can see what there are clicking on. Also If you have another computer you can open your Meta Trader 4/ Scanner / Demo account on that. Itwill be helpful so you can learn then pause the video and do on your account. If you don’t have another computer just pause and open in new window your account to make changes then push play and repeat. These are all videos I feel really simplify iMarketsLive so you will feel more confident


iMarketsLive CEO Christopher Terry’s Live trading room schedule

London session is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2-4am EST / 11pm to 1am PST You can join these by going to iMarketslive.com click on FREE Content
Then Live London session then click on the Webinar image.

The New York session is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
at 8-11am EST / 5-8am PST
To access the NY session go to FXsignalslive.com then click on Live Trading Room.


First 72 hours in iMarketsLive.

Introduction to iMarkets Live back office

How to setup iMarkets Live Harmonic Scanner for Demo Account

NOTE: The Harmonic Scanner only works in the demo account on FXCM so set up you Demo with FXCM You do NOT have to fund the account to set up a demo. If you want to do a, AutoTrader Mirror account also use FXCM. I would highly recommend using a Demo account for 2 weeks or more before doing live trades. When you are ready to do a live trade set up an account with TradersWay. The scanner works on TradersWay live account but not on FXCM’s LIVE account. I know its a little confusing and you’re asking WHY. It’ just is. So Demo with FXCM and LIVE with TradersWay.

Harmonic Scanner Training | How to use it

 IMarkets Live Harmonic Scanner Entry Techniques




How to set up MT4 chart

Simple and easy to follow How to Navigate MT4 | Tips & Tricks for newbies

How to Save Templates and Profiles on MT4 MetaTrader4

iMarkets Live How to Enter and Exit Trades

This is a very simple and basic but VERY good training on executing trades with iMarkets Live Harmonic scanner and MT4. Very well done video.

iMarkets Live Session testimony Changing Lives

How to Fix mistakes immediately

Entry Technique to think about

Fibonacci Tutorial: Trading the Fibonacci Sequence

Here are three simple videos that explain the Fibonacci in Forex trading and how to use it

and here

This video is much loner but verygood



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